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      n   pl   , opuses, opera  
1    an artistic composition, esp. a musical work  
2    often cap   (usually followed by a number) a musical composition by a particular composer, generally catalogued in order of publication  
Beethoven's opus 61 is his violin concerto        (Abbrev.)    op  
     (C18: from Latin: a work; compare Sanskrit apas work)  

magnum opus  
      n   a great work of art or literature, esp. the greatest single work of an artist  
opus anglicanum     (Latin)  
      n   fine embroidery, esp. of church vestments, produced in England c. 1200--c.1350; characterized by the rich materials used, esp. silver gilt thread  
     (literally: English work)  
Opus Dei  
1       another name for       divine office  
2    an international Roman Catholic organization of lay people and priests founded in Spain in 1928 by Josemaria Escrivá de Balaguer (1902--75), with the aim of spreading Christian principles  
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brainchild, composition, creation, oeuvre, piece, production, work  

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