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      n   pl   , -ters, -ter  
1    any freshwater carnivorous musteline mammal of the subfamily Lutrinae, esp. Lutra lutra (Eurasian otter), typically having smooth fur, a streamlined body, and webbed feet  
2    the fur of any of these animals  
3      (Also called)    otter board   a type of fishing tackle consisting of a weighted board to which hooked and baited lines are attached  
4    to fish using an otter  
     (Old English otor; related to Old Norse otr, Old High German ottar)  

otter hound  
      n   a dog used for otter hunting, esp. one of a breed, now rare, that stands about 60 cm (24 in.) high and has a harsh thick coat, often greyish with tan markings  
otter shell  
      n      See       gaper       2  
otter shrew  
      n   any small otter-like amphibious mammal, esp. Potamogale velox, of the family Potamogalidae of W and central Africa: order Insectivora (insectivores)  
sea otter  
      n   a large marine otter, Enhydra lutris, of N Pacific coasts, formerly hunted for its thick dark brown fur  
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