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1    of, belonging to, or associated in some way with us  
our best vodka, our parents are good to us     
2    belonging to or associated with all people or people in general  
our nearest planet is Venus     
3    a formal word for my used by editors or other writers, and monarchs  
4    Informal   (often sarcastic) used instead of your  
are our feet hurting?     
5    Dialect   belonging to the family of the speaker  
it's our Sandra's birthday tomorrow     
     (Old English ure (genitive plural), from us; related to Old French, Old Saxon user, Old High German unser, Gothic unsara)  

      suffix forming nouns   indicating state, condition, or activity  
behaviour, labour     
     (in Old French -eur, from Latin -or, noun suffix)  
Our Father  
      n      another name for the       Lord's Prayer   taken from its opening words   taken from its opening words  
Our Lady  
      n      a title given to the       Virgin Mary  
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Lord, Our or The

the Almighty, Christ, the Galilean, God, the Good Shepherd, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, the Nazarene  

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Saviour, Our or The     
Christ, Jesus, Messiah, Redeemer  

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