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1    often used as a particle   at or to a point beyond the limits of some location; outside  
get out at once     
2    particle   out of consciousness  
she passed out at the sight of blood     
3    particle   used to indicate a burst of activity as indicated by the verb  
fever broke out     
4    particle   used to indicate obliteration of an object  
the graffiti were painted out     
5    particle   used to indicate an approximate drawing or description  
sketch out, chalk out     
6    often used as a particle   away from one's custody or ownership, esp. on hire  
to let out a cottage     
7    on sale or on view to the public  
the book is being brought out next May     
8    (of a young woman) in or into polite society  
Lucinda had a fabulous party when she came out     
9    (of a jury) withdrawn to consider a verdict in private  
10    particle   used to indicate exhaustion or extinction  
the sugar's run out, put the light out     
11    particle   used to indicate a goal or object achieved at the end of the action specified by the verb  
he worked it out, let's fight it out, then!     
12    preceded by a superlative   existing  
the friendliest dog out     
13    an expression in signalling, radio, etc., to indicate the end of a transmission  
14      (Austral. and N.Z.)   † † in or to Australia or New Zealand  
he came out last year     
15    out of  
a    at or to a point outside  
out of his reach     
b    away from; not in  
stepping out of line, out of focus     
c    because of, motivated by  
doing it out of jealousy     
d    from (a material or source)  
made out of plastic     
e    not or no longer having any of (a substance, material, etc.)  
we're out of sugar     
      adj   postpositive  
16    not or not any longer worth considering  
that plan is out because of the weather     
17    not allowed  
smoking on duty is out     
18    also prenominal   not in vogue; unfashionable  
that sort of dress is out these days     
19    (of a fire or light) no longer burning or providing illumination  
the fire is out     
20    not working  
the radio's out     
21    unconscious  
he was out for two minutes     
22    out to it     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   asleep or unconscious, esp. because drunk  
23    not in; not at home  
call back later, they're out now     
24    desirous of or intent on (something or doing something)  
I'm out for as much money as I can get     
25      (Also)    out on strike          on strike  
the machine shop is out     
26    (in several games and sports) denoting the state in which a player is caused to discontinue active participation, esp. in some specified role  
27    used up; exhausted  
our supplies are completely out     
28    worn into holes  
this sweater is out at the elbows     
29    inaccurate, deficient, or discrepant  
out by six pence     
30    not in office or authority  
his party will be out at the election     
31    completed or concluded, as of time  
before the year is out     
32    in flower  
the roses are out now     
33    in arms, esp., in rebellion  
one of his ancestors was out in the Forty-Five     
34    also prenominal   being out  
the out position on the dial     
35    Informal   not concealing one's homosexuality  
36    out of; out through  
he ran out the door     
37    Archaic or dialect   outside; beyond  
he comes from out our domain     
a    an exclamation, usually peremptory, of dismissal, reproach, etc.  
b    (in wireless telegraphy) an expression used to signal that the speaker is signing off  
39    out with it   a command to make something known immediately, without missing any details  
40      (Chiefly U.S.)   a method of escape from a place, difficult situation, punishment, etc.  
41      (Baseball)   an instance of the putting out of a batter; putout  
42      (Printing)  
a    the omission of words from a printed text; lacuna  
b    the words so omitted  
43    ins and outs      See       in       29  
44    tr   to put or throw out  
45    intr   to be made known or effective despite efforts to the contrary (esp. in the phrase will out)  
the truth will out     
46    tr  
Informal   (of homosexuals) to expose (a public figure) as being a fellow homosexual  
47    tr  
Informal   to expose something secret, embarrassing, or unknown about (a person)  
he was eventually outed as a talented goal scorer     
     (Old English ut; related to Old Saxon, Old Norse ut, Old High German uz, German aus)  
The use of out as a preposition, though common in American English, is regarded as incorrect in British English: he climbed out of (not out) a window; he went out through the door  
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1    bang, beat, box, buffet, chastise, chin     (slang)   clobber     (slang)   clout     (informal)   clump     (slang)   cuff, deck     (slang)   hammer, hit, knock, lambast(e), lay a finger on     (informal)   lay one on     (slang)   pound, punch, punish, slap, smack, smite, sock     (slang)   thump, wallop     (informal)  
2    be in collision with, bump into, clash, collide with, come into contact with, dash, hit, knock into, run into, smash into, touch  
3    drive, force, hit, impel, thrust  
4    affect, come to, come to the mind of, dawn on or upon, hit, impress, make an impact on, occur to, reach, register     (informal)   seem  
5      (sometimes with)       upon   come upon or across, discover, encounter, find, happen or chance upon, hit upon, light upon, reach, stumble upon or across, turn up, uncover, unearth  
6    affect, assail, assault, attack, deal a blow to, devastate, fall upon, hit, invade, set upon, smite  
7    achieve, arrange, arrive at, attain, effect, reach  
8    down tools, mutiny, revolt, walk out  

strike down     
afflict, bring low, deal a deathblow to, destroy, kill, ruin, slay, smite  
strike out  
1         strike off, strike through    cancel, cross out, delete, efface, erase, excise, expunge, remove, score out  
2    begin, get under way, set out, start out  

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