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      vb   , -does, -doing, -did, -done   tr  
1    to take or carry too far; do to excess  
2    to exaggerate, overelaborate, or overplay  
3    to cook or bake too long  
4    overdo it or things   to overtax one's strength, capacity, etc.  
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1    be intemperate, belabour, carry too far, do to death     (informal)   exaggerate, gild the lily, go overboard     (informal)   go to extremes, lay it on thick     (informal)   not know when to stop, overindulge, overplay, overreach, overstate, overuse, overwork, run riot  
2    overdo it      bite off more than one can chew, burn the candle at both ends     (informal)   drive oneself, fatigue, go too far, have too many irons in the fire, overburden, overload, overtax one's strength, overtire, overwork, strain or overstrain oneself, wear oneself out  
1    belittle, disparage, minimize, play down, underplay, underrate, understate, underuse, undervalue  

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