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      vb   , -flows, -flowing, -flowed  
     (formerly)   , -flown  
1    to flow or run over (a limit, brim, bank, etc.)  
2    to fill or be filled beyond capacity so as to spill or run over  
3    intr; usually foll by: with   to be filled with happiness, tears, etc.  
4    tr   to spread or cover over; flood or inundate  
5    overflowing matter, esp. liquid  
6    any outlet that enables surplus liquid to be discharged or drained off, esp. one just below the top of a tank or cistern  
7    the amount by which a limit, capacity, etc., is exceeded  
8      (Computing)   a condition that occurs when numeric operations produce results too large to store in the register available  
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1    brim over, bubble over, discharge, fall over, pour out, pour over, run over, run with, shower, slop over, spill, spray, surge, teem, well over  
2    cover, deluge, drown, flood, inundate, soak, submerge, swamp  
3    discharge, flash flood, flood, flooding, inundation, overabundance, spill, spilling over, surplus  

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