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      vb   , -throws, -throwing, -threw, -thrown  
1    tr   to effect the downfall or destruction of (a ruler, institution, etc.), esp. by force  
2    tr   to throw or turn over  
3    tr   to throw (something, esp. a ball) too far  
4    an act of overthrowing  
5    downfall; destruction  
6      (Cricket)  
a    a ball thrown back too far by a fielder  
b    a run scored because of this  
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1    abolish, beat, bring down, conquer, crush, defeat, depose, dethrone, do away with, master, oust, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, subdue, subjugate, topple, unseat, vanquish  
2    bring to ruin, demolish, destroy, knock down, level, overturn, put an end to, put paid to, raze, ruin, subvert, upend, upset  
3    defeat, deposition, destruction, dethronement, discomfiture, disestablishment, displacement, dispossession, downfall, end, fall, ousting, prostration, rout, ruin, subjugation, subversion, suppression, undoing, unseating  
,       vb   defend, guard, keep, maintain, preserve, protect, restore, support, uphold  
      n   defence, preservation, protection  

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