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1    any nocturnal bird of prey of the order Strigiformes, having large front-facing eyes, a small hooked bill, soft feathers, and a short neck  
2    any of various breeds of owl-like fancy domestic pigeon (esp. the African owl, Chinese owl, and English owl)  
3    a person who looks or behaves like an owl, esp. in having a solemn manner  
     (Old English ule; related to Dutch uil, Old High German uwila, Old Norse ugla)  
  owl-like      adj  

barn owl  
      n   any owl of the genus Tyto, esp. T. alba, having a pale brown and white plumage, long slender legs, and a heart-shaped face: family Tytonidae  
brown owl  
      n      another name for       tawny owl  
Brown Owl  
      n      a name (no longer in official use) for       Brownie Guider  
eagle owl  
      n   a large owl, Bubo bubo, of Europe and Asia. It has brownish speckled plumage and large ear tufts  
hawk owl  
      n   a hawklike northern owl, Surnia ulula, with a long slender tail and brownish speckled plumage  
hoot owl  
      n   any owl that utters a hooting cry, as distinct from a screech owl  
horned owl  
      n   any large owl of the genus Bubo, having prominent ear tufts: family Strigidae  
little owl  
      n   a small Old World owl, Athene noctua, having a speckled brown plumage and flattish head  
long-eared owl  
      n   a slender European owl, Asio otus, with long ear tufts: most common in coniferous forests  
night owl   , hawk  
Informal   a person who is or prefers to be up and about late at night  
screech owl  
1    a small North American owl, Otus asio, having ear tufts and a reddish-brown or grey plumage  
2      (Brit)   any owl that utters a screeching cry  
snowy owl  
      n   a large owl, Nyctea scandiaca, of tundra regions, having a white plumage flecked with brown  
tawny owl  
      n   a European owl, Strix aluco, having a reddish-brown or grey plumage, black eyes, and a round head,   (Also called)    brown owl, wood owl  
Tawny Owl  
      n   a name (no longer in official use) for an assistant Brownie Guider  
wood owl  
      n      another name for       tawny owl  
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