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1    a thick piece of soft material used to make something comfortable, give it shape, or protect it  
2    a guard made of flexible resilient material worn in various sports to protect parts of the body  
3      (Also called)    stamp pad, ink pad   a block of firm absorbent material soaked with ink for transferring to a rubber stamp  
4      (Also called)    notepad, writing pad   a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge  
5    a flat piece of stiff material used to back a piece of blotting paper  
a    the fleshy cushion-like underpart of the foot of a cat, dog, etc.  
b    any of the parts constituting such a structure  
7    any of various level surfaces or flat-topped structures, such as a launch pad  
8      (Entomol)      a nontechnical name for       pulvillus  
9    the large flat floating leaf of the water lily  
10      (Electronics)   a resistive attenuator network inserted in the path of a signal to reduce amplitude or to match one circuit to another  
11    Slang   a person's residence  
12    Slang   a bed or bedroom  
      vb   , pads, padding, padded   tr  
13    to line, stuff, or fill out with soft material, esp. in order to protect or give shape to  
14    often foll by: out   to inflate with irrelevant or false information  
to pad out a story     
     (C16: origin uncertain; compare Low German pad sole of the foot)  
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