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1    a short light oar with a flat blade at one or both ends, used without a rowlock to propel a canoe or small boat  
2      (Also called)    float   a blade of a water wheel or paddle wheel  
3    a period of paddling  
to go for a paddle upstream     
a    a paddle wheel used to propel a boat  
b    (as modifier)  
a paddle steamer     
5    the sliding panel in a lock or sluicegate that regulates the level or flow of water  
6    any of various instruments shaped like a paddle and used for beating, mixing, etc.  
7    a table-tennis bat  
8    the flattened limb of a seal, turtle, or similar aquatic animal, specialized for swimming  
9    to propel (a canoe, small boat, etc.) with a paddle  
10    paddle one's own canoe  
a    to be self-sufficient  
b    to mind one's own business  
11    tr   to convey by paddling  
we paddled him to the shore     
12    tr   to stir or mix with or as if with a paddle  
13    to row (a boat) steadily, esp. (of a racing crew) to row firmly but not at full pressure  
14    intr   (of steamships) to be propelled by paddle wheels  
15    intr   to swim with short rapid strokes, like a dog  
16    tr     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   to spank  
     (C15: of unknown origin)  
  paddler      n  
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