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1    tedious or time-consuming business, esp. when of a formal nature  
all the palaver of filling in forms     
2    loud and confused talk and activity; hubbub  
3    (often used humorously) a conference  
4    Now rare   talk intended to flatter or persuade  
5      (W African)  
a    an argument  
b    trouble arising from an argument  
6    intr   (often used humorously) to have a conference  
7    intr   to talk loudly and confusedly  
8    tr   to flatter or cajole  
     (C18: from Portuguese palavra talk, from Latin parabola parable)  
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1    business     (informal)   carry-on     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   pantomime     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   performance     (informal)   procedure, rigmarole, song and dance     (Brit. informal)   to-do  
2    babble, blather, blether, chatter, hubbub, natter     (Brit.)   prattle, tongue-wagging, yak     (slang)  
3    colloquy, confab     (informal)   conference, discussion, get-together     (informal)   parley, powwow, session  
4    confab     (informal)   confer, discuss, go into a huddle     (informal)   parley, powwow, put heads together  
5    blather, blether, chatter, gabble, jabber, jaw     (slang)   natter     (Brit.)   prattle, yak     (slang)  

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