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1    a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement that is or may be true  
religious truths are often expressed in paradox     
2    a self-contradictory proposition, such as I always tell lies  
3    a person or thing exhibiting apparently contradictory characteristics  
4    an opinion that conflicts with common belief  
     (C16: from Late Latin paradoxum, from Greek paradoxos opposed to existing notions, from para-1 + doxa opinion)  
  paradoxical      adj  
  paradoxically      adv  

Cantor's paradox  
      n     (Logic)   the paradox derived from the supposition of an all-inclusive universal set, since every set has more subsets than members while every subset of such a universal set would be a member of it  
     (named after Georg Cantor (1845--1918), German mathematician, born in Russia)  
Electra paradox  
      n     (Logic)   the supposed paradox that one may know something to be true of an object under one description but not another, as when Electra knew that Orestes was her brother but not that the man before her was her brother although he was Orestes. This shows the predicate ``knows'' to be intensional, that Electra's knowledge here is de dicto, and that the statement of it yields an opaque context  
   See also       de dicto  
liar paradox  
      n     (Logic)   the paradox that this statement is false is true only if it is false and false only if it is true: attributed to Epimenides the Cretan in the form all Cretans are liars  
Russell's paradox  
      n     (Logic)   the paradox discovered by Bertrand Russell in the work of Gottlob Frege, that the class of all classes that are not members of themselves is a member of itself only if it is not, and is not only if it is. This undermines the notion of an all-inclusive universal class  
twin paradox  
      n   a phenomenon predicted by relativity. One of a pair of identical twins is supposed to live normally in an inertial system whilst the other is accelerated to a high speed in a spaceship, travels for a long time, and finally returns to rest beside his twin. The travelled twin will be found to be younger than his brother  
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absurdity, ambiguity, anomaly, contradiction, enigma, inconsistency, mystery, oddity, puzzle  

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