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particle board


      n      another name for       chipboard  
Diccionario de inglés definición  
1    an extremely small piece of matter; speck  
2    a very tiny amount; iota  
it doesn't make a particle of difference     
3    a function word, esp. (in certain languages) a word belonging to an uninflected class having suprasegmental or grammatical function  
the Greek particles ``men'' and ``de'' are used to express contrast, questions in Japanese are indicated by the particle ``ka'', English ``up'' is sometimes regarded as an adverbial particle     
4    a common affix, such as re-, un-, or -ness  
5      (Physics)   a body with finite mass that can be treated as having negligible size, and internal structure  
6       See       elementary particle  
7      (R.C. Church)   a small piece broken off from the Host at Mass  
8    Archaic   a section or clause of a document  
     (C14: from Latin particula a small part, from pars part)  

alpha particle  
      n   a helium nucleus, containing two neutrons and two protons, emitted during some radioactive transformations  
beta particle  
      n   a high-speed electron or positron emitted by a nucleus during radioactive decay or nuclear fission  
delta particle  
      n     (Physics)   a very short-lived hyperon  
elementary particle  
      n   any of several entities, such as electrons, neutrons, or protons, that are less complex than atoms and are regarded as the constituents of all matter,   (Also called)    fundamental particle  
fundamental particle  
      n      another name for       elementary particle  
Higgs particle  
      n     (Physics)   an elementary particle with zero spin and mass greater than zero, predicted to exist by electroweak theory and other gauge theories  
     (C20: named after Peter Higgs (born 1929), British theoretical physicist)  
J/psi particle  
      n   a type of elementary particle thought to be formed from charmed quarks  
   See       charm   1       7  
magnetic particle inspection  
      n     (Engineering)   a method of testing for cracks and other defects in a magnetic material, such as steel, by covering it with a magnetic powder and magnetizing it: any variation in the concentration of the powder indicates a flaw in the material  
nobiliary particle  
      n   a preposition, such as French de or German von, occurring as part of a title or surname  
Marquis de Sade     
particle accelerator  
      n   a machine for accelerating charged elementary particles to very high energies, used for research in nuclear physics  
   See also       linear accelerator       cyclotron       betatron       synchrotron       synchrocyclotron  
particle beam  
1    a stream of energized particles produced by a particle accelerator  
2    such a stream emitted by a particle beam weapon  
particle beam weapon  
      n   a weapon that fires particle beams into the atmosphere or space  
particle board  
      n      another name for       chipboard  
particle physics  
      n   the study of fundamental particles and their properties,   (Also called)    high-energy physics  
particle separation  
      n     (Transformational grammar)   a rule that moves the particle of a phrasal verb, thus deriving a sentence like He looked the answer up from a structure that also underlies He looked up the answer  
psi particle  
      n      See       J/psi particle  
tau particle  
      n     (Physics)   a type of elementary particle classified as a lepton  
W particle  
      n     (Physics)   a type of elementary particle with either a positive or negative charge considered to transmit the weak interaction between other elementary particles. W particles have a rest mass of about 10--25 kg,   (Also called)    W boson      See also       Z particle  
Z particle  
      n     (Physics)   a type of neutral elementary particle considered to transmit the weak interaction between other elementary particles. Z particles have a rest mass of about 10--24 kg,   (Also called)    Z boson      See also       W particle  

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atom, bit, crumb, grain, iota, jot, mite, molecule, mote, piece, scrap, shred, speck, tittle, whit  

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