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, pacha  
      n   (formerly) a provincial governor or other high official of the Ottoman Empire or the modern Egyptian kingdom: placed after a name when used as a title  
     (C17: from Turkish pasa)  

Ali Pasha  
      n   known as the Lion of Janina. 1741--1822, Turkish pasha and ruler of Albania (1787--1820), who was deposed and assassinated after intriguing against Turkey  
Enver Pasha  
      n   1881--1922, Turkish soldier and leader of the Young Turks: minister of war (1914--18)  
Ibrahim Pasha  
      n   1789--1848, Albanian general; son of Mehemet Ali, whom he succeeded as viceroy of Egypt (1848)  
Ismail Pasha  
      n   1830--95, viceroy (1863--66) and khedive (1867--79) of Egypt, who brought his country close to bankruptcy. He was forced to submit to Anglo-French financial control (1876) and to abdicate (1879)  
two-tailed pasha  
      n   a distinctive vanessid butterfly of S Europe, Charaxes jasius, having mottled brown wings with a yellow-orange margin and frilled hind edges  
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