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1       another word for       path       1, 2  
2      (Biochem)   a chain of reactions associated with a particular metabolic process  

Embden-Meyerhof pathway  
      n   the metabolic reaction sequence in glycolysis by which glucose is converted to pyruvic acid with production of ATP  
     (C20: named after Gustav Embden (1874--1933) and Otto Meyerhof (1884--1951), German biochemists)  
metabolic pathway  
      n   any of the sequences of biochemical reactions, catalysed by enzymes, that occur in all living cells: concerned mainly with the exchange of energy and chemicals  
   See also       Krebs cycle  
pentose phosphate pathway  
      n   a sequence of metabolic reactions by which NADPH is synthesized, together with ribose phosphate, part of the synthesis of nucleic acids  
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