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pearl barley


      n   barley ground into small round grains, used in cooking, esp. in soups and stews  
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pearl          [1]  
1    a hard smooth lustrous typically rounded structure occurring on the inner surface of the shell of a clam or oyster: consists of calcium carbonate secreted in layers around an invading particle such as a sand grain; much valued as a gem  
   Related adjs       margaric       margaritic  
2    any artificial gem resembling this  
3       See       mother-of-pearl  
4    a person or thing that is like a pearl, esp. in beauty or value  
5    a pale greyish-white colour, often with a bluish tinge  
6    a size of printer's type, approximately equal to 5 point  
7    of, made of, or set with pearl or mother-of-pearl  
8    having the shape or colour of a pearl  
9    tr   to set with or as if with pearls  
10    to shape into or assume a pearl-like form or colour  
11    intr   to dive or search for pearls  
     (C14: from Old French, from Vulgar Latin pernula (unattested), from Latin perna sea mussel)  

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