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1    a base that supports a column, statue, etc., as used in classical architecture  
2    a position of eminence or supposed superiority (esp. in the phrases place, put, or set on a pedestal)  
a    either of a pair of sets of drawers used as supports for a writing surface  
b    (as modifier)  
a pedestal desk     
     (C16: from French piédestal, from Old Italian piedestallo, from pie foot + di of + stallo a stall)  

bearing pedestal  
      n   an independent support for a bearing, usually incorporating a bearing housing  
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1    base, dado     (Architecture)   foot, foundation, mounting, pier, plinth, socle, stand, support  
2    put on a pedestal      apotheosize, deify, dignify, ennoble, exalt, glorify, idealize, worship  

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