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1    tr   to remove (the skin, rind, outer covering, etc.) of (a fruit, egg, etc.)  
2    intr   (of paint, etc.) to be removed from a surface, esp. through weathering  
3    intr   (of a surface) to lose its outer covering of paint, etc. esp. through weathering  
4    intr   (of a person or part of the body) to shed skin in flakes or (of skin) to be shed in flakes, esp. as a result of sunburn  
5      (Croquet)   to put (another player's ball) through a hoop or hoops  
6    keep one's eyes peeled (or skinned)   to watch vigilantly  
7    the skin or rind of a fruit, etc.,   (See also)        peel off  
     (Old English pilian to strip off the outer layer, from Latin pilare to make bald, from pilus a hair)  
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