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1    voluntary self-punishment to atone for a sin, crime, etc.  
2    a feeling of regret for one's wrongdoings  
3      (Christianity)  
a    a punishment usually consisting of prayer, fasting, etc., undertaken voluntarily as an expression of penitence for sin  
b    a punishment of this kind imposed by church authority as a condition of absolution  
4    tr   (of ecclesiastical authorities) to impose a penance upon (a sinner)  
     (C13: via Old French from Latin paenitentia repentance; related to Latin poena penalty)  
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1    atonement, mortification, penalty, punishment, reparation, sackcloth and ashes  
2    do penance      accept punishment, atone, make amends, make reparation, mortify oneself, show contrition, suffer  

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