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problem solver n.
one who solves people's problems

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a problem, a trouble, a hiccup
the fly in the ointment that summer was the terrible weather: l' ennui cet été là fut le mauvais temps.
when sth sounds too good to be true and not as good as it seems to be and you suspect that there is a hidden problem
Peeling the onion means going back in stages find out how a problem actually started.
a clusterfuck means several problems occurring at the same time
Mainly US usage, very colloquial/vulgar
with a complex structure; difficult to approach; multiple problems generator
used to point out that small problems or unpleasant events can in the end help things get better
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a    any thing, matter, person, etc., that is difficult to deal with, solve, or overcome  
b    (as modifier)  
a problem child     
2    a puzzle, question, etc., set for solution  
3      (Maths)   a statement requiring a solution usually by means of one or more operations or geometric constructions  
4    modifier   designating a literary work that deals with difficult moral questions  
a problem play     
     (C14: from Late Latin problema, from Greek: something put forward; related to proballein to throw forwards, from pro-2 + ballein to throw)  

mind-body problem  
      n   the traditional philosophical problem concerning the nature of mind, body, and the relationship between them  
   See       dualism       2       interactionism       parallelism       3       monism       1       idealism       3       materialism       2       identity theory       behaviourism       2  
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