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      vb   tr  
1    to keep in one's possession  
2    to be able to hold or contain  
soil that retains water     
3    (of a person) to be able to remember (information, facts, etc.) without difficulty  
4    to hold in position  
5    to keep for one's future use, as by paying a retainer or nominal charge  
to retain one's rooms for the holidays     
6      (Law)   to engage the services of (a barrister) by payment of a preliminary fee  
7    (in selling races) to buy back a winner that one owns when it is auctioned after the race  
8    (of racehorse trainers) to pay an advance fee to (a jockey) so as to have prior or exclusive claims upon his services throughout the season  
     (C14: from Old French retenir, from Latin retinere to hold back, from re- + tenere to hold)  
  retainable      adj  
  retainment      n  
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1    absorb, contain, detain, grasp, grip, hang or hold onto, hold, hold back, hold fast, keep, keep possession of, maintain, preserve, reserve, restrain, save  
2    bear in mind, impress on the memory, keep in mind, memorize, recall, recollect, remember  
3    commission, employ, engage, hire, pay, reserve  
1    let go, lose, release, use up  
2    forget  

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retain v.
continue to have something; keep something

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