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ring taw


      n   a game of marbles in which players attempt to knock other players' marbles out of a ring  
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ring          [1]  
1    a circular band usually of a precious metal, esp. gold, often set with gems and worn upon the finger as an adornment or as a token of engagement or marriage  
2    any object or mark that is circular in shape  
3    a circular path or course  
to run around in a ring     
4    a group of people or things standing or arranged so as to form a circle  
a ring of spectators     
5    an enclosed space, usually circular in shape, where circus acts are performed  
6    a square apron or raised platform, marked off by ropes, in which contestants box or wrestle  
7    the ring   the sport of boxing  
8    the field of competition or rivalry  
9    throw one's hat in the ring   to announce one's intention to be a candidate or contestant  
10    a group of people usually operating illegally and covertly  
a drug ring, a paedophile ring, a ring of antique dealers     
11    (esp. at country fairs) an enclosure, often circular, where horses, cattle, and other livestock are paraded and auctioned  
12    an area reserved for betting at a racecourse  
13    a circular strip of bark cut from a tree or branch, esp. in order to kill it  
14    a single turn in a spiral  
15      (Geometry)   the area of space lying between two concentric circles  
16      (Maths)   a set that is subject to two binary operations, addition and multiplication, such that the set is an Abelian group under addition and is closed under multiplication, this latter operation being associative  
17      (Botany)      short for       annual ring  
18      (Also called)    closed chain     (Chem)   a closed loop of atoms in a molecule  
19      (Astronomy)   any of the thin circular bands of small bodies orbiting a giant planet, esp. Saturn  
   See also       Saturn   2       1  
20    run rings around  
Informal   to be greatly superior to; outclass completely  
      vb   , rings, ringing, ringed   tr  
21    to surround with or as if with or form a ring; encircle  
22    to mark (a bird) with a ring or clip for subsequent identification  
23    to fit a ring in the nose of (a bull, pig, etc.) so that it can be led easily  
24      (Also)    ringbark  
a    to cut away a circular strip of bark from (a tree or branch) in order to kill it  
b    to cut a narrow or partial ring from (the trunk of a tree) in order to check or prevent vigorous growth  
25      (Austral. and N.Z.)   to be the fastest shearer in a shearing shed (esp. in the phrase ring the shed)  
     (Old English hring; related to Old Norse hringr)  

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1    band, circle, circuit, halo, hoop, loop, round  
2    arena, circus, enclosure, rink  
3    association, band, cabal, cartel, cell, circle, clique, combine, coterie, crew     (informal)   gang, group, junta, knot, mob, organization, syndicate  
4    circumscribe, encircle, enclose, encompass, gird, girdle, hem in, seal off, surround  

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give a phone call
E.g.: Just give me a ring when you want to go out.
it sounds interesting or attractive
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