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1      (Rugby)   the act or method of restarting play after an infringement when the two opposing packs of forwards group together with heads down and arms interlocked and push to gain ground while the scrum half throws the ball in and the hookers attempt to scoop it out to their own team. A scrum is usually called by the referee (set scrum) but may be formed spontaneously (loose scrum)  
2    Informal   a disorderly struggle  
      vb   , scrums, scrumming, scrummed  
3    intr.; usually foll. by down     (Rugby)   to form a scrum  
     (C19: shortened from scrummage)  

scrum half  
      n     (Rugby)  
1    a player who puts in the ball at scrums and tries to get it away to his three-quarter backs  
2    this position in a team  
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scrum n.
An agile management process for software development
Don't translate it, but use it as technical term

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