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1    a device impressed on a piece of wax, moist clay, etc., fixed to a letter, document, etc., as a mark of authentication  
2    a stamp, ring, etc., engraved with a device to form such an impression  
3    a substance, esp. wax, so placed over an envelope, document, etc., that it must be broken before the object can be opened or used  
4    any substance or device used to close or fasten tightly  
5    a material, such as putty or cement, that is used to close an opening to prevent the passage of air, water, etc.  
6    a small amount of water contained in the trap of a drain to prevent the passage of foul smells  
7    an agent or device for keeping something hidden or secret  
8    anything that gives a pledge or confirmation  
9    a decorative stamp often sold in aid of charity  
10      (R.C. Church, Also called)   seal of confession   the obligation never to reveal anything said by a penitent in confession  
11    set one's seal on (or to)  
a    to mark with one's sign or seal  
b    to endorse  
      vb   tr  
12    to affix a seal to, as proof of authenticity  
13    to stamp with or as if with a seal  
14    to approve or authorize  
15    sometimes foll by: up   to close or secure with or as if with a seal  
to seal one's lips, seal up a letter     
16    foll by: off   to enclose (a place) with a fence, wall, etc.  
17    to decide irrevocably  
18      (Mormon Church)   to make (a marriage or adoption) perpetually binding  
19    to close tightly so as to render airtight or watertight  
20    to paint (a porous material) with a nonporous coating  
21      (Austral. and N.Z.)   to consolidate (a road surface) with bitumen, tar, etc.  
     (C13 seel, from Old French, from Latin sigillum little figure, from signum a sign)  
  sealable      adj  
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seal          [2]  
1    any pinniped mammal of the families Otariidae (see eared seal) and Phocidae (see earless seal) that are aquatic but come on shore to breed  
   Related adjs       otarid       phocine  
2    any earless seal (family Phocidae), esp. the common or harbour seal or the grey seal (Halichoerus grypus)  
3    sealskin  
4    intr   to hunt for seals  
     (Old English seolh; related to Old Norse selr, Old High German selah, Old Irish selige tortoise)  
  seal-like      adj  

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1    bung, close, cork, enclose, fasten, make airtight, plug, secure, shut, stop, stopper, stop up, waterproof  
2    assure, attest, authenticate, confirm, establish, ratify, stamp, validate  
3    clinch, conclude, consummate, finalize, settle, shake hands on     (informal)  
4      (with)       off   board up, fence off, isolate, put out of bounds, quarantine, segregate  
5    assurance, attestation, authentication, confirmation, imprimatur, insignia, notification, ratification, stamp  

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