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1    a garment hanging from the waist, worn chiefly by women and girls  
2    the part of a dress below the waist  
3      (Also called)    apron   a frieze or circular flap, as round the base of a hovercraft  
4    the flaps on a saddle that protect a rider's legs  
5      (Brit)   a cut of beef from the flank  
6    often pl   a margin or outlying area  
7      (N.Z.)   the lower part of a sheep's fleece  
8    bit of skirt  
Slang   a girl or woman  
9    tr   to form the edge of  
10    tr   to provide with a border  
11    when intr, foll by: around, along, etc.   to pass (by) or be situated (near) the outer edge of (an area, etc.)  
12    tr   to avoid (a difficulty, etc.)  
he skirted the issue     
13      (Chiefly Austral. and N.Z.)   to remove the trimmings or inferior wool from (a fleece)  
     (C13: from Old Norse skyrta shirt)  
  skirted      adj  

hobble skirt  
      n   a long skirt, popular between 1910 and 1914, cut so narrow at the ankles that it hindered walking  
hula skirt  
      n   a skirt made of long grass attached to a waistband and worn by hula dancers  
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1    border, edge, flank, lie alongside  
2      (often with)       around or round   avoid, body-swerve     (Scot.)   bypass, circumvent, detour, evade, steer clear of  
3      (often plural)    border, edge, fringe, hem, margin, outskirts, periphery, purlieus, rim  

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