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1    to scatter or splash (a substance, esp. a liquid) or (of a substance) to splash (something) in scattered drops  
to spatter mud on the car, mud spattered in her face     
2    tr   to sprinkle, cover, or spot (with a liquid)  
3    tr   to slander or defame  
4    intr   to shower or rain down  
bullets spattered around them     
5    the sound of something spattering  
6    something spattered, such as a spot or splash  
7    the act or an instance of spattering  
     (C16: of imitative origin; related to Low German, Dutch spatten to spout, Frisian spatteren to splash)  
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bespatter, bestrew, daub, dirty, scatter, soil, speckle, splash, splodge, spray, sprinkle  

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