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split wings


      pl n     (Angling)  
a    wings (of an artificial fly) that are dressed cocked up and separated into a V shape  
b    (as modifier)  
a split-wing pattern     
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      vb   , splits, splitting, split  
1    to break or cause to break, esp. forcibly, by cleaving into separate pieces, often into two roughly equal pieces  
to split a brick     
2    to separate or be separated from a whole  
he split a piece of wood from the block     
3    to separate or be separated into factions, usually through discord  
4    often foll by: up   to separate or cause to separate through a disagreement  
5    when tr, often foll by: up   to divide or be divided among two or more persons  
split up the pie among the three of us     
6    Slang   to depart; leave  
let's split, we split the scene     
7    tr   to separate (something) into its components by interposing something else  
to split a word with hyphens     
8    intr; usually foll by: on  
Slang   to betray the trust, plans, etc. (of); inform  
he split on me to the cops     
9    tr     (U.S. politics)   to mark (a ballot, etc.) so as to vote for the candidates of more than one party  
he split the ticket     
10    tr   to separate (an animal hide or skin) into layers  
11    split hairs   to make a fine but needless distinction  
12    split one's sides   to laugh very heartily  
13    split the difference  
a    to settle a dispute by effecting a compromise in which both sides give way to the same extent  
b    to divide a remainder equally  
14    the act or process of splitting  
15    a gap or rift caused or a piece removed by the process of splitting  
16    a breach or schism in a group or the faction resulting from such a breach  
17    a dessert of sliced fruit and ice cream, covered with whipped cream, nuts, etc.  
banana split     
18       See       Devonshire split  
a    a separated layer of an animal hide or skin other than the outer layer  
b    leather made from such a layer  
20      (Tenpin bowling)   a formation of the pins after the first bowl in which there is a large gap between two pins or groups of pins  
21    Informal   an arrangement or process of dividing up loot or money  
22    having been split; divided  
split logs     
23    having a split or splits  
hair with split ends        (See also)        splits       split up  
     (C16: from Middle Dutch splitten to cleave; related to Middle High German splizen; see splice)  
  splitter      n  

banana split  
      n   a dish of ice cream and banana cut in half lengthwise, usually topped with syrup, nuts, whipped cream, etc.  
Cornish split  
      n      another term for       Devonshire split  
Devonshire split  
      n   a kind of yeast bun split open and served with whipped cream or butter and jam,   (Also called)    Cornish split, split  
      adv     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   very quickly; speedily  
     (C19: from lick + split)  
Split     (Serbo-Croat)  
      n   a port and resort in W Croatia on the Adriatic: remains of the palace of Diocletian (295--305). Pop.: 200459 (1991),   (Italian name)    Spalato  
split brain  
      n   a brain in which the tracts connecting the two halves of the cerebral cortex have been surgically split or are missing from birth  
split cane  
      n     (Angling)   bamboo split into strips of triangular section, tapered, and glued to form a stiff but flexible hexagonal rod: used, esp. formerly, for making fishing rods  
split decision  
      n     (Boxing)   the award of a fight on a majority verdict of the judges as opposed to a unanimous decision  
split infinitive  
      n   (in English grammar) an infinitive used with another word between to (the infinitive marker) and the verb itself, as in I want to really finish it this time  
The traditional rule against placing an adverb between to and its verb is gradually disappearing. Although it is true that a split infinitive may result in a clumsy sentence (he decided to firmly and definitively deal with the problem), this is not enough to justify the absolute condemnation that this practice has attracted. Indeed, very often the most natural position of the adverb is between to and the verb (he decided to really try next time) and to change it would result in an artificial and awkward construction (he decided really to try next time). The current view is therefore that the split infinitive is not a grammatical error. Nevertheless, many writers prefer to avoid splitting infinitives in formal written English, since readers with a more traditional point of view are likely to interpret this type of construction as incorrect  
split keyboarding  
      n     (Computing)   the act or practice of editing data from one terminal on another terminal  
      adj   (of a house, room, etc.) having the floor level of one part about half a storey above or below the floor level of an adjoining part  
      adj     (Scot)   brand-new  
split pea  
      n   a pea dried and split and used in soups, pease pudding, or as a vegetable  
split personality  
1    the tendency to change rapidly in mood or temperament  
2       a nontechnical term for       multiple personality  
split pin  
      n   a metal pin made by bending double a wire, often of hemispherical section, so that it can be passed through a hole in a nut, shaft, etc., to secure another part by bending back the ends of the wire  
split ring  
      n   a steel ring having two helical turns, often used as a key ring  
split-screen technique  
      n   a cinematic device by which two or more complete images are projected simultaneously onto separate parts of the screen,   (Also called)    split screen  
split second  
1    an extremely small period of time; instant  
  split-second   prenominal  
2    made or arrived at in an infinitely short time  
a split-second decision     
3    depending upon minute precision  
split-second timing     
split shift  
      n   a work period divided into two parts that are separated by an interval longer than a normal rest period  
split ticket  
      n      See       split       9  
See also  
    straight ticket  
split tin  
      n     (Brit)   a long loaf of bread split on top, giving a greater crust area  
split up  
      vb   adv  
1    tr   to separate out into parts; divide  
2    intr   to become separated or parted through disagreement  
they split up after years of marriage     
3    to break down or be capable of being broken down into constituent parts  
I have split up the question into three parts     
4    the act or an instance of separating  
split wings  
      pl n     (Angling)  
a    wings (of an artificial fly) that are dressed cocked up and separated into a V shape  
b    (as modifier)  
a split-wing pattern     

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1    bifurcate, branch, break, break up, burst, cleave, come apart, come undone, crack, disband, disunite, diverge, fork, gape, give way, go separate ways, open, part, pull apart, rend, rip, separate, slash, slit, snap, splinter  
2    allocate, allot, apportion, carve up, distribute, divide, divvy up     (informal)   dole out, halve, parcel out, partition, share out, slice up  
3      (with)       on     (slang)   betray, give away, grass     (Brit. slang)   inform on, peach     (slang)   shop     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   sing     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   spill one's guts     (slang)   squeal     (slang)  
4    breach, crack, damage, division, fissure, gap, rent, rip, separation, slash, slit, tear  
5    breach, break, break-up, difference, discord, disruption, dissension, disunion, divergence, division, estrangement, partition, rift, rupture, schism  
6    ambivalent, bisected, broken, cleft, cracked, divided, dual, fractured, ruptured, twofold  

split up     
break up, disband, divorce, go separate ways, part, part company, separate  

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