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sponge cake


      n   a light porous cake, made of eggs, sugar, flour, and flavourings traditionally without any fat  
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1    any multicellular typically marine animal of the phylum Porifera, usually occurring in complex sessile colonies in which the porous body is supported by a fibrous, calcareous, or siliceous skeletal framework  
2    a piece of the light porous highly absorbent elastic skeleton of certain sponges, used in bathing, cleaning, etc.  
   See also       spongin  
3    any of a number of light porous elastic materials resembling a sponge  
4       another word for       sponger       1  
5    Informal   a person who indulges in heavy drinking  
6    leavened dough, esp. before kneading  
7       See       sponge cake  
8      (Also called)    sponge pudding     (Brit)   a light steamed or baked pudding, spongy in texture, made with various flavourings or fruit  
9    porous metal produced by electrolysis or by reducing a metal compound without fusion or sintering and capable of absorbing large quantities of gas  
platinum sponge     
10    a rub with a sponge  
11    throw in the sponge      See       throw in       4  
12    tr; often foll by: off or down   to clean (something) by wiping or rubbing with a damp or wet sponge  
13    tr; usually foll by: off, away, out, etc.   to remove (marks, etc.) by rubbing with a damp or wet sponge or cloth  
14    when tr, often foll by: up   to absorb (liquids, esp. when spilt) in the manner of a sponge  
15    tr; often foll by: off   to get (something) from (someone) by presuming on his generosity  
to sponge a meal off someone     
16    intr; often foll by: off or on   to obtain one's subsistence, welfare, etc., unjustifiably (from)  
he sponges off his friends     
17    intr   to go collecting sponges,   (See also)        sponge down  
     (Old English, from Latin spongia, from Greek)  
  spongelike      adj  

sponge bag  
      n   a small bag made of plastic, etc., that holds toilet articles, used esp. when travelling  
sponge bath  
      n   a washing of the body with a wet sponge or cloth, but without immersion in water  
sponge cake  
      n   a light porous cake, made of eggs, sugar, flour, and flavourings traditionally without any fat  
sponge cloth  
      n   any of various porous fabrics, usually made in a loose honeycomb weave  
sponge down  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth  
2    the act or instance of sponging down  
vegetable sponge  
      n      another name for       dishcloth gourd  

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