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1    a person or group that provides funds for an activity, esp  
a    a commercial organization that pays all or part of the cost of putting on a concert, sporting event, etc.  
b    a person who donates money to a charity when the person requesting the donation has performed a specified activity as part of an organized fund-raising effort  
2      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a person or business firm that pays the costs of a radio or television programme in return for advertising time  
3    a legislator who presents and supports a bill, motion, etc.  
4      (Also called)    godparent  
a    an authorized witness who makes the required promises on behalf of a person to be baptized and thereafter assumes responsibility for his Christian upbringing  
b    a person who presents a candidate for confirmation  
5      (Chiefly U.S.)   a person who undertakes responsibility for the actions, statements, obligations, etc., of another, as during a period of apprenticeship; guarantor  
6    tr   to act as a sponsor for  
     (C17: from Latin, from spondere to promise solemnly)  
  sponsorial      adj  
  sponsorship      n  
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      n   angel     (informal)   backer, godparent, guarantor, patron, promoter  
      vb   back, finance, fund, guarantee, lend one's name to, patronize, promote, put up the money for, subsidize  

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