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spring tide


1    either of the two tides that occur at or just after new moon and full moon when the tide-generating force of the sun acts in the same direction as that of the moon, reinforcing it and causing the greatest rise and fall in tidal level. The highest spring tides (equinoctial springs) occur at the equinoxes  
   Compare       neap tide  
2    any great rush or flood  
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      vb   , springs, springing, sprang, sprung, sprung  
1    to move or cause to move suddenly upwards or forwards in a single motion  
2    to release or be released from a forced position by elastic force  
the bolt sprang back     
3    tr   to leap or jump over  
4    intr   to come, issue, or arise suddenly  
5    intr   (of a part of a mechanism, etc.) to jump out of place  
6    to make (wood, etc.) warped or split or (of wood, etc.) to become warped or split  
7    to happen or cause to happen unexpectedly  
to spring a surprise, the boat sprung a leak     
8    intr   to develop or originate  
the idea sprang from a chance meeting     
9    intr; usually foll by: from   to be descended  
he sprang from peasant stock     
10    intr; often foll by: up   to come into being or appear suddenly  
factories springing up     
11    tr   (of a gun dog) to rouse (game) from cover  
12    intr   (of game or quarry) to start or rise suddenly from cover  
13    intr   to appear to have a strong upward movement  
the beam springs away from the pillar     
14    to explode (a mine) or (of a mine) to explode  
15    tr   to provide with a spring or springs  
16    tr  
Informal   to arrange the escape of (someone) from prison  
17    intr  
Archaic or poetic   (of daylight or dawn) to begin to appear  
18    the act or an instance of springing  
19    a leap, jump, or bound  
a    the quality of resilience; elasticity  
b    (as modifier)  
spring steel     
21    the act or an instance of moving rapidly back from a position of tension  
a    a natural outflow of ground water, as forming the source of a stream  
b    (as modifier)  
spring water     
a    a device, such as a coil or strip of steel, that stores potential energy when it is compressed, stretched, or bent and releases it when the restraining force is removed  
b    (as modifier)  
a spring mattress     
24    a structural defect such as a warp or bend  
a    sometimes cap   the season of the year between winter and summer, astronomically from the March equinox to the June solstice in the N hemisphere and from the September equinox to the December solstice in the S hemisphere  
b    (as modifier)  
spring showers         Related adj       vernal  
26    the earliest or freshest time of something  
27    a source or origin  
28    one of a set of strips of rubber, steel, etc., running down the inside of the handle of a cricket bat, hockey stick, etc.  
29      (Also called)    spring line     (Nautical)   a mooring line, usually one of a pair that cross amidships  
30    a flock of teal  
31      (Architect)      another name for       springing  
     (Old English springan; related to Old Norse springa, Old High German springan, Sanskrit sprhayati he desires, Old Slavonic pragu grasshopper)  
  springless      adj  
  springlike      adj  

air spring  
      n     (Mechanical engineering)   an enclosed pocket of air used to absorb shock or sudden fluctuations of load  
box spring  
      n   a coiled spring contained in a boxlike frame, used as base for mattresses, chairs, etc  
coil spring  
      n   a helical spring formed from wire  
hot spring  
      n   a natural spring of mineral water at a temperature of 21°C (70°F) or above, found in areas of volcanic activity,   (Also called)    thermal spring  
      n   a town in N England, in Sunderland unitary authority, Tyne and Wear: coal-mining. Pop.: 35100 (1991)  
leaf spring  
1    one of a number of metal strips bracketed together in length to form a compound spring  
2    the compound spring so formed  
mineral spring  
      n   a spring of water that contains a high proportion of dissolved mineral salts  
Pierian Spring  
      n   a sacred fountain in Pieria, in Greece, fabled to inspire those who drank from it  
spring balance   ,   (esp. U.S.)   spring scale  
      n   a device in which an object to be weighed is attached to the end of a helical spring, the extension of which indicates the weight of the object on a calibrated scale  
spring beauty  
      n   a pale green annual plant (Claytonia perfoliata) of the purslane family, originally North American, having small white flowers above fused leaves that encircle the stem  
spring chicken  
1      (Also called)    springer     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a young chicken, tender for cooking, esp. one from two to ten months old  
2    he or she is no spring chicken  
Informal   he or she is no longer young  
1    to clean (a house) thoroughly: traditionally at the end of the winter  
2    an instance of spring-cleaning  
  spring-cleaning      n  
spring fever  
      n   the feeling of restlessness experienced by many people at the onset of spring  
spring lock  
      n   a type of lock having a spring-loaded bolt, a key being required only to unlock it  
spring mattress  
      n   a mattress containing an arrangement of spiral springs  
spring onion  
      n   an immature form of the onion (Allium cepa), widely cultivated for its tiny bulb and long green leaves which are eaten in salads, etc.,   (Also called)    green onion, scallion  
spring roll  
      n   a Chinese dish consisting of a savoury mixture of vegetables and meat rolled up in a thin pancake and fried  
spring tide  
1    either of the two tides that occur at or just after new moon and full moon when the tide-generating force of the sun acts in the same direction as that of the moon, reinforcing it and causing the greatest rise and fall in tidal level. The highest spring tides (equinoctial springs) occur at the equinoxes  
   Compare       neap tide  
2    any great rush or flood  
valve spring  
1    a helical spring used to hold closed a valve in the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine  
2    any spring that closes a valve after it has been opened mechanically or by flow pressure  

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1    bounce, bound, hop, jump, leap, rebound, recoil, vault  
2      (often with)       from   arise, be derived, be descended, come, derive, descend, emanate, emerge, grow, issue, originate, proceed, start, stem  
3      (with)       up   appear, burgeon, come into existence or being, develop, mushroom, shoot up  
4    bound, buck, hop, jump, leap, saltation, vault  
5    bounce, bounciness, buoyancy, elasticity, flexibility, give     (informal)   recoil, resilience, springiness  
6    beginning, cause, fount, fountainhead, origin, root, source, well, wellspring  
7      (of the season)   springlike, vernal  

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