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1    (of a plant, seed, etc.) to produce (new leaves, shoots, etc.)  
2    intr; often foll by: up   to begin to grow or develop  
new office blocks are sprouting up all over the city     
3    a newly grown shoot or bud  
4    something that grows like a sprout  
5       See       Brussels sprout  
     (Old English sprutan; related to Middle High German spruzen to sprout, Lettish sprausties to jostle)  

bean sprout  
      n   the sprout of a newly germinated mung bean, eaten as a vegetable, esp. in Chinese dishes  
Brussels sprout  
1    a variety of cabbage, Brassica oleracea gemmifera, having a stout stem studded with budlike heads of tightly folded leaves, resembling tiny cabbages  
2    the head of this plant, eaten as a vegetable  
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      vb   bud, develop, germinate, grow, push, shoot, spring, vegetate  

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