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      vb   , stabs, stabbing, stabbed  
1    tr   to pierce or injure with a sharp pointed instrument  
2    tr   (of a sharp pointed instrument) to pierce or wound  
the knife stabbed her hand     
3    when intr, often foll by: at   to make a thrust (at); jab  
he stabbed at the doorway     
4    tr   to inflict with a sharp pain  
5    stab in the back  
a    vb   to do damage to the reputation of (a person, esp. a friend) in a surreptitious way  
b    n   a treacherous action or remark that causes the downfall of or injury to a person  
6    the act or an instance of stabbing  
7    an injury or rift made by stabbing  
8    a sudden sensation, esp. an unpleasant one  
a stab of pity     
9    Informal   an attempt (esp. in the phrase make a stab at)  
     (C14: from stabbe stab wound; probably related to Middle English stob stick)  
  stabber      n  

stab kick  
      n     (Australian Rules football)   a rapid kick of the ball from one player to another member of his team,   (Also called)    stab pass  
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1    bayonet, cut, gore, impale, injure, jab, knife, pierce, puncture, run through, spear, spill blood, stick, thrust, transfix, wound  
2    stab in the back      betray, break faith with, deceive, do the dirty on     (Brit. slang)   double-cross     (informal)   give the Judas kiss to, inform on, let down, play false, sell, sell out     (informal)   slander  
3    gash, incision, jab, puncture, rent, thrust, wound  
4    ache, pang, prick, twinge  
5    make a stab at      attempt, endeavour, essay, give it one's best shot     (informal)   have a crack     (informal)   have a go, have a shot     (informal)   have a stab     (informal)   try, try one's hand at, venture  

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