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1    the adult male of a deer, esp. a red deer  
2    a man unaccompanied by a woman at a social gathering  
3      (Stock Exchange)     (Brit)  
a    a speculator who applies for shares in a new issue in anticipation of a rise in price when trading commences in order to make a quick profit on resale  
b    (as modifier)  
stag operations     
4    modifier   (of a social gathering) attended by men only  
5    modifier   pornographic in content  
a stag show     
6    without a female escort  
      vb   tr  
7      (Stock Exchange)   to apply for (shares in a new issue) with the intention of selling them for a quick profit when trading commences  
     (Old English stagga (unattested); related to Old Norse steggr male bird)  

royal stag  
      n      See       royal       8  
stag beetle  
      n   any lamellicorn beetle of the family Lucanidae, the males of which have large branched mandibles  
stag night   , party  
      n   a party for men only, esp. one held for a man before he is married  
   Compare       hen night       hen party  
stag's horn   , staghorn  
1    the antlers of a stag used as a material for carved implements  
2    a creeping variety of club moss, Lycopodium clavatum, growing on moors and mountains, having silvery hair points on its leaves  
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