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1    (esp. of food) hard, musty, or dry from being kept too long  
2    (of beer, etc.) flat and tasteless from being kept open too long  
3    (of air) stagnant; foul  
4    uninteresting from overuse; hackneyed  
stale clichés     
5    no longer new  
stale news     
6    lacking in energy or ideas through overwork or lack of variety  
7      (Banking)   (of a cheque) not negotiable by a bank as a result of not having been presented within six months of being written  
8      (Law)   (of a claim, etc.) having lost its effectiveness or force, as by failure to act or by the lapse of time  
9    to make or become stale  
     (C13 (originally applied to liquor in the sense: well matured): probably via Norman French from Old French estale (unattested) motionless, of Frankish origin; related to stall1, install)  
  stalely      adv  
  staleness      n  
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stale          [2]  
1    intr   (of livestock) to urinate  
2    the urine of horses or cattle  
     (C15: perhaps from Old French estaler to stand in one position; see stall1; compare Middle Low German stallen to urinate, Greek stalassein to drip)  

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1    decayed, dry, faded, fetid, flat, fusty, hard, insipid, musty, old, sour, stagnant, tasteless  
2    antiquated, banal, cliché-ridden, common, commonplace, drab, effete, flat, hackneyed, insipid, old hat, overused, platitudinous, repetitious, stereotyped, threadbare, trite, unoriginal, worn-out  
   crisp, different, fresh, imaginative, innovative, lively, new, novel, original, refreshing  

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