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standing army


      n   a permanent army of paid soldiers maintained by a nation  
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1    social or financial position, status, or reputation  
a man of some standing     
2    length of existence, experience, etc.  
3    modifier   used to stand in or on  
standing room     
4      (Athletics)  
a    (of the start of a race) begun from a standing position without the use of starting blocks  
b    (of a jump, leap, etc.) performed from a stationary position without a run-up  
5    prenominal   permanent, fixed, or lasting  
6    prenominal   still or stagnant  
a standing pond     
7      (Printing)   (of type) set and stored for future use  
   Compare       dead       17  

credit standing  
      n   reputation for discharging financial obligations  
hard standing  
      n   a hard surface on which vehicles, such as cars or aircraft, may be parked  
      adj   existing or in effect for a long time  
standing army  
      n   a permanent army of paid soldiers maintained by a nation  
standing chop  
      n     (N.Z.)   (in an axemen's competition) a chop with the log standing upright  
   Compare       underhand chop  
standing committee  
      n   a permanent committee appointed to deal with a specified subject  
standing order  
1      (Also called)    bankers order   an instruction to a bank by a depositor to pay a stated sum at regular intervals  
   Compare       direct debit  
2    a rule or order governing the procedure, conduct, etc., of a legislative body  
3      (Military)   one of a number of orders which have or are likely to have long-term validity  
standing rigging  
      n   the stays, shrouds, and other more or less fixed, though adjustable, wires and ropes that support the masts of a sailing vessel  
   Compare       running rigging  
standing wave  
      n     (Physics)   the periodic disturbance in a medium resulting from the combination of two waves of equal frequency and intensity travelling in opposite directions. There are generally two kinds of displacement, and the maximum value of the amplitude of one of these occurs at the same points as the minimum value of the amplitude of the other. Thus in the case of electromagnetic radiation the amplitude of the oscillations of the electric field has its greatest value at the points where the magnetic oscillation is zero, and vice versa,   (Also called)    stationary wave      Compare       node       antinode  

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1    condition, credit, eminence, estimation, footing, position, rank, reputation, repute, station, status  
2    continuance, duration, existence, experience  
3    fixed, lasting, permanent, perpetual, regular, repeated  
4    erect, perpendicular, rampant     (Heraldry)   upended, upright, vertical  

abiding, enduring, established, fixed, hallowed by time, long-established, long-lasting, long-lived, time-honoured  

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