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staple gun


      n   a mechanism that fixes staples to a surface  
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staple          [1]  
1    a short length of thin wire bent into a square U-shape, used to fasten papers, cloth, etc.  
2    a short length of stiff wire formed into a U-shape with pointed ends, used for holding a hasp to a post, securing electric cables, etc  
3    tr   to secure (papers, wire, etc.) with a staple or staples  
     (Old English stapol prop, of Germanic origin; related to Middle Dutch stapel step, Old High German staffal)  

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      adj   basic, chief, essential, fundamental, key, main, predominant, primary, principal  

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to do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it
Originally used in sports contests that are started by firing a gun
someone who uses a gun.
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