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1    to die or cause to die from lack of food  
2    to deprive (a person or animal) or (of a person, etc.) to be deprived of food  
3    intr  
Informal   to be very hungry  
4    foll by: of or for   to deprive or be deprived (of something necessary), esp. so as to cause suffering or malfunctioning  
the engine was starved of fuel     
5    tr; foll by: into   to bring (to) a specified condition by starving  
to starve someone into submission     
6    Archaic, or     (Brit)  
dialect   to be or cause to be extremely cold  
     (Old English steorfan to die; related to Old Frisian sterva to die, Old High German sterban to die)  
  starver      n  
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