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      adj     (also)   
1    not active or moving; stationary  
2    (of a weight, force, or pressure) acting but causing no movement  
3    of or concerned with forces that do not produce movement  
   Compare       dynamic       1  
4    relating to or causing stationary electric charges; electrostatic  
5    of or relating to interference in the reception of radio or television transmissions  
6    of or concerned with statics  
7      (Sociol)   characteristic of or relating to a society that has reached a state of equilibrium so that no changes are taking place  
8      (Computing)   (of a memory) not needing its contents refreshed periodically  
   Compare       dynamic       5  
9    random hissing or crackling or a speckled picture caused by the interference of electrical disturbances in the reception of radio or television transmissions  
10    electric sparks or crackling produced by friction,   (See also)        statics  
     (C16: from New Latin staticus, from Greek statikos causing to stand, from histanai to stand, put on the scales)  
  statically      adv  

Pitot-static tube  
      n   combined Pitot and static pressure tubes placed in a fluid flow to measure the total and static pressures. The difference in pressures, as recorded on a manometer or airspeed indicator, indicates the fluid velocity,   (Also called)    Pitot tube  
static line  
      n   a line attaching the pack of a parachute to an aircraft, so that the parachute is opened when it has fallen clear of the aircraft  
static tube  
      n   an open-ended tube used to measure the static pressure at a point in a moving fluid and positioned in such a way that it is unaffected by the fluid's motion  
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changeless, constant, fixed, immobile, inert, motionless, stagnant, stationary, still, stock-still, unmoving, unvarying  
   active, dynamic, kinetic, lively, mobile, moving, travelling, varied  

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1. [informal] die 2. fail 3. remain static
Ex1: The prisoner was injected a deadly drug and flatlined Ex2: His attempts to reach the summit have flatlined three times already Ex3.: The vote for the new party has flatlined at about 3%
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