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1    not moving; standing still  
2    not able to be moved  
3    showing no change  
the doctors said his condition was stationary     
4    tending to remain in one place  
     (C15: from Latin stationarius, from statio station)  
  stationarily      adv  
  stationariness      n  
Avoid confusion with stationery  

stationary engine  
      n   an engine that remains in a fixed position, esp. one in a building that drives generators or other machinery  
  stationary engineer      n  
stationary orbit  
      n     (Astronautics)   a synchronous orbit lying in or approximately in the plane of the equator  
stationary point  
1    a point on a curve at which the tangent is either horizontal or vertical, such as a maximum, a minimum, or a point of inflection  
2      (Astronomy)   a point in the apparent path of a planet when it reverses direction  
stationary wave  
      n      another name for       standing wave  
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at a standstill, fixed, inert, moored, motionless, parked, standing, static, stock-still, unmoving  
   changeable, changing, inconstant, mobile, moving, shifting, travelling, unstable, variable, varying, volatile  

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