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a    an enactment of a legislative body expressed in a formal document  
b    this document  
2    a permanent rule made by a body or institution for the government of its internal affairs  
     (C13: from Old French estatut, from Late Latin statutum, from Latin statuere to set up, decree, ultimately from stare to stand)  

statute book  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a register of enactments passed by the legislative body of a state, usually made up of a series of volumes that form a complete official record  
not on the statute book     
statute law  
1    a law enacted by a legislative body  
2    a particular example of this,   (Compare)        common law       equity  
statute mile  
      n      a legal or formal name for       mile       1  
statute of limitations  
      n   a legislative enactment prescribing the period of time within which proceedings must be instituted to enforce a right or bring an action at law  
   See also       laches  
Statute of Westminster  
      n   the act of Parliament (1931) that formally recognized the independence of the dominions within the Empire  
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act, decree, edict, enactment, ordinance, regulation, rule  

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