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      n      a plural of       staff   1       stave  
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1    any one of a number of long strips of wood joined together to form a barrel, bucket, boat hull, etc.  
2    any of various bars, slats, or rods, usually of wood, such as a rung of a ladder or a crosspiece bracing the legs of a chair  
3    any stick, staff, etc.  
4    a stanza or verse of a poem  
5      (Music)  
a      (Brit)   an individual group of five lines and four spaces used in staff notation  
b       another word for       staff   1       9  
      vb   , staves, staving, staved, stove  
6    often foll by: in   to break or crush (the staves of a boat, barrel, etc.) or (of the staves of a boat) to be broken or crushed  
7    tr; usually foll by: in   to burst or force (a hole in something)  
8    tr   to provide (a ladder, chair, etc.) with a stave or staves  
9    tr     (Scot)   to sprain (a finger, toe, etc.)  
     (C14: back formation from staves, plural of staff1)  

stave off  
      vb   tr, adv   to avert or hold off (something undesirable or harmful), esp. temporarily  
to stave off hunger     

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stave off

avert, evade, fend off, foil, hold off, keep at arm's length, keep at bay, parry, ward off  

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