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1    intr   to continue or remain in a certain place, position, etc.  
to stay outside     
2    copula   to continue to be; remain  
to stay awake     
3    intr; often foll by: at   to reside temporarily, esp. as a guest  
to stay at a hotel     
4    tr   to remain for a specified period  
to stay the weekend     
5    intr     (Scot. and S. African)   to reside permanently or habitually; live  
6    Archaic   to stop or cause to stop  
7    intr   to wait, pause, or tarry  
8    tr   to delay or hinder  
9    tr  
a    to discontinue or suspend (a judicial proceeding)  
b    to hold in abeyance or restrain from enforcing (an order, decree, etc.)  
10    to endure (something testing or difficult, such as a race)  
a horse that stays the course     
11    intr; usually foll by: with   to keep pace (with a competitor in a race, etc.)  
12    intr     (Poker)   to raise one's stakes enough to stay in a round  
13    tr   to hold back or restrain  
to stay one's anger     
14    tr   to satisfy or appease (an appetite, etc.) temporarily  
15    tr  
Archaic   to quell or suppress  
16    intr  
Archaic   to stand firm  
17    stay put      See       put       18  
18    the act of staying or sojourning in a place or the period during which one stays  
19    the act of stopping or restraining or state of being stopped, etc.  
20    the suspension of a judicial proceeding, etc.  
stay of execution        (See also)        stay out  
     (C15 staien, from Anglo-French estaier, to stay, from Old French ester to stay, from Latin stare to stand)  
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