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      adj   , steadier, steadiest  
1    not able to be moved or disturbed easily; stable  
2    free from fluctuation  
the level stayed steady     
3    not easily excited; imperturbable  
4    staid; sober  
5    regular; habitual  
a steady drinker     
6    continuous  
a steady flow     
7      (Nautical)   (of a vessel) keeping upright, as in heavy seas  
      vb   , steadies, steadying, steadied  
8    to make or become steady  
9    in a steady manner  
10    go steady  
Informal   to date one person regularly  
      n   pl   , steadies  
11    Informal   one's regular boyfriend or girlfriend  
12      (Nautical)   an order to the helmsman to stay on a steady course  
13    a warning to keep calm, be careful, etc.  
14      (Brit)   a command to get set to start, as in a race  
ready, steady, go!     
     (C16: from stead + -y1; related to Old High German statig, Middle Dutch stedig)  
  steadier      n  
  steadily      adv  
  steadiness      n  

rock steady  
      n   a type of slow Jamaican dance music of the 1960s  
steady state  
      n     (Physics)   the condition of a system when some or all of the quantities describing it are independent of time but not necessarily in thermodynamic or chemical equilibrium  
   See also       equilibrium       6  
steady-state theory  
      n   a cosmological theory postulating that the universe exists throughout time in a steady state such that the average density of matter does not vary with distance or time. Matter is continuously created in the space left by the receding stars and galaxies of the expanding universe  
   Compare       big-bang theory  
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1    firm, fixed, immovable, on an even keel, safe, stable, substantial, unchangeable, uniform  
2    balanced, calm, dependable, equable, having both feet on the ground, imperturbable, level-headed, reliable, sedate, sensible, serene, serious-minded, settled, sober, staid, staunch, steadfast  
3    ceaseless, confirmed, consistent, constant, continuous, even, faithful, habitual, incessant, nonstop, persistent, regular, rhythmic, unbroken, unfaltering, unfluctuating, uninterrupted, unremitting, unvarying, unwavering  
4    balance, brace, secure, stabilize, support  
5    compose or calm oneself, cool down, get a grip on oneself, sober (up)  
,       adj   careless, changeable, faltering, fickle, fluctuating, half-hearted, inconsistent, infrequent, insecure, intermittent, in two minds, irregular, occasional, sporadic, uncommitted, unconscientious, undependable, unpredictable, unreliable, unsettled, unstable, unsteady, vacillating, wavering  
      vb   agitate, shake, tilt, upset, worry  

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