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1       See       beefsteak  
2    any of various cuts of beef of varying quality, used for braising, stewing, etc.  
3    a thick slice of pork, veal, etc., or of a large fish, esp. cod or salmon  
4    minced meat prepared in the same way as steak  
hamburger steak     
     (C15: from Old Norse steik roast; related to steikja to roast on a spit; see stick1)  

minute steak  
      n   a small thinly-cut piece of steak that can be cooked quickly  
steak tartare   , tartar  
      n   raw minced steak, mixed with onion, seasonings, and raw egg,   (Also called)    tartare steak, tartar steak  
tartar steak  
      n      a variant term for       steak tartare  
T-bone steak  
      n   a large choice steak cut from the sirloin of beef, containing a T-shaped bone  
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