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      vb   , steals, stealing, stole, stolen  
1    to take (something) from someone, etc. without permission or unlawfully, esp. in a secret manner  
2    tr   to obtain surreptitiously  
3    tr   to appropriate (ideas, etc.) without acknowledgment, as in plagiarism  
4    to move or convey stealthily  
they stole along the corridor     
5    intr   to pass unnoticed  
the hours stole by     
6    tr   to win or gain by strategy or luck, as in various sports  
to steal a few yards     
7    steal a march on   to obtain an advantage over, esp. by a secret or underhand measure  
8    steal someone's thunder   to detract from the attention due to another by forestalling him  
9    steal the show   to be looked upon as the most interesting, popular, etc., esp. unexpectedly  
10    the act of stealing  
11    something stolen or acquired easily or at little cost  
     (Old English stelan; related to Old Frisian, Old Norse stela Gothic stilan, German stehlen)  
  stealer      n  
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1    appropriate, be light-fingered, blag     (slang)   cabbage     (Brit. slang)   embezzle, filch, half-inch     (old-fashioned slang)   heist     (U.S. slang)   lift     (informal)   misappropriate, nick     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   peculate, pilfer, pinch     (informal)   pirate, plagiarize, poach, prig     (Brit. slang)   purloin, shoplift, snitch     (slang)   swipe     (slang)   take, thieve, walk or make off with  
2    creep, flit, insinuate oneself, slink, slip, sneak, tiptoe  

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steal someone's thunder exp.
take credit for another person's accomplishment

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to steal something from a shop or a store during trading hours
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