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1    the gas or vapour into which water is changed when boiled  
2    the mist formed when such gas or vapour condenses in the atmosphere  
3    any vaporous exhalation  
4    Informal   power, energy, or speed  
5    get up steam  
a    (of a ship, etc.) to work up a sufficient head of steam in a boiler to drive an engine  
b    Informal   to go quickly  
6    let off steam  
Informal   to release pent-up energy or emotions  
7    under one's own steam   without the assistance of others  
8      (Austral)  
slang   cheap wine  
9    modifier   driven, operated, heated, powered, etc., by steam  
a steam radiator     
10    modifier   treated by steam  
steam ironed, steam cleaning     
11    modifier  
Humorous   old-fashioned; outmoded  
steam radio     
12    to emit or be emitted as steam  
13    intr   to generate steam, as a boiler, etc.  
14    intr   to move or travel by steam power, as a ship, etc.  
15    intr  
Informal   to proceed quickly and sometimes forcefully  
16    to cook or be cooked in steam  
17    tr   to treat with steam or apply steam to, as in cleaning, pressing clothes, etc,   (See also)        steam up  
     (Old English; related to Dutch stoom steam, perhaps to Old High German stioban to raise dust, Gothic stubjus dust)  

dry steam  
      n   steam that does not contain droplets of water  
live steam  
      n   steam supplied directly from a boiler at full pressure, before it has performed any work  
steam bath  
1    a room or enclosure that can be filled with steam in which people bathe to induce sweating and refresh or cleanse themselves  
2    an act of taking such a bath  
3    an enclosure through which steam can be passed continuously, used in laboratories for sterilizing equipment, maintaining a constant temperature, etc.  
      n   a vessel in which water is boiled to generate steam. An industrial boiler usually consists of a system of parallel tubes through which water passes, suspended above a furnace  
      n   a chamber that encloses the slide valve of a steam engine and forms a manifold for the steam supply to the valve  
steam coal  
      n   coal suitable for use in producing steam, as in a steam-boiler  
      n   an engine that uses the thermal energy of steam to produce mechanical work, esp. one in which steam from a boiler is expanded in a cylinder to drive a reciprocating piston  
steam-generating heavy-water reactor  
      n   a nuclear reactor using heavy water as the moderator, light water (H2O) as the coolant, and uranium oxide cased in zirconium alloy as the fuel,   (Abbrev)    SGHWR  
steam iron  
      n   an electric iron that emits steam from channels in the iron face to facilitate the pressing and ironing of clothes, etc., the steam being produced from water contained within the iron  
steam jacket  
      n     (Engineering)   a jacket containing steam that surrounds and heats a cylinder  
steam organ  
      n   a type of organ powered by steam, once common at fairgrounds, in which the pipes are sounded either by a keyboard or in a sequence determined by a moving punched card,   (U.S. name)    calliope  
steam point  
      n   the temperature at which the maximum vapour pressure of water is equal to one atmosphere (1.01325x105 N/m2). It has the value of 100° on the Celsius scale  
   Compare       ice point  
steam reforming  
      n     (Chem)   a process in which methane from natural gas is heated, with steam, usually with a catalyst, to produce a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen used in organic synthesis and as a fuel  
steam roller  
a    a steam-powered vehicle with heavy rollers at the front and rear used for compressing road surfaces during road-making  
b       another word for       roadroller  
a    an overpowering force or a person with such force that overcomes all opposition  
b    (as modifier)  
steamroller tactics     
3    tr   to crush (opposition, etc.) by overpowering force  
steam room  
      n   a room that can be filled with steam for use as a steam bath  
      n   a steam-driven mechanical excavator, esp. one having a large bucket or grab on a beam slung from a revolving jib  
steam trap  
      n   a device in a steam pipe that collects and discharges condensed water  
steam turbine  
      n   a turbine driven by steam  
steam up  
      vb   adv  
1    to cover (windows, etc.) or (of windows, etc.) to become covered with a film of condensed steam  
2    tr; usually passive  
Slang   to excite or make angry  
he's all steamed up about the delay     
steam whistle  
      n   a type of whistle sounded by a blast of steam, as used formerly in factories, on locomotives, etc.  
wet steam  
      n   steam, usually low-pressure, that contains water droplets in suspension  
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