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1    the main axis of a plant, which bears the leaves, axillary buds, and flowers and contains a hollow cylinder of vascular tissue  
2    any similar subsidiary structure in such plants that bears a flower, fruit, or leaf  
3    a corresponding structure in algae and fungi  
4    any long slender part, such as the hollow part of a tobacco pipe that lies between the bit and the bowl, or the support between the base and the bowl of a wineglass, goblet, etc.  
5    a banana stalk with several bunches attached  
6    the main line of descent or branch of a family  
7    a round pin in some locks on which a socket in the end of a key fits and about which it rotates  
8    any shank or cylindrical pin or rod, such as the pin that carries the winding knob on a watch  
9      (Linguistics)   the form of a word that remains after removal of all inflectional affixes; the root of a word, esp. as occurring together with a thematic element  
   Compare       root   1       9  
10    the main, usually vertical, stroke of a letter or of a musical note such as a minim  
11      (Electronics)   the tubular glass section projecting from the base of a light bulb or electronic valve, on which the filament or electrodes are mounted  
a    the main upright timber or structure at the bow of a vessel  
b    the very forward end of a vessel (esp. in the phrase from stem to stern)  
      vb   , stems, stemming, stemmed  
13    intr; usually foll by: from   to be derived; originate  
14    tr   to make headway against (a tide, wind, etc.)  
15    tr   to remove or disengage the stem or stems from  
16    tr   to supply (something) with a stem or stems  
     (Old English stemn; related to Old Norse stafn stem of a ship, German Stamm tribe, Gothic stoma basis, Latin stamen thread)  
  stemlike      adj  
  stemmer      n  
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