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      adj   (of a system for recording, reproducing, or broadcasting sound) using two or more separate microphones to feed two or more loudspeakers through separate channels in order to give a spatial effect to the sound,   (Often shortened to)    stereo             Compare       monophonic       quadraphonics  
   stereophonically             adv  
  stereophony      n  

personal stereo  
      n   a very small audio cassette player designed to be worn attached to a belt and used with lightweight headphones  
1       short for       stereophonic       stereoscopic  
      n   pl   , stereos  
2    stereophonic sound  
to broadcast in stereo     
3    a stereophonic record player, tape recorder, etc.  
4      (Photog)  
a    stereoscopic photography  
b    a stereoscopic photograph  
5      (Printing)      short for       stereotype  
     (C20: shortened form)  
stereo-   ,   (sometimes before a vowel)   stere-  
      combining form   indicating three-dimensional quality or solidity  
     (from Greek stereos solid)  
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