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1    a person who administers the property, house, finances, etc., of another  
2    a person who manages the eating arrangements, staff, or service at a club, hotel, etc.  
3    a waiter on a ship or aircraft  
4    a mess attendant in a naval mess afloat or ashore  
5    a person who helps to supervise some event or proceedings in an official capacity  
6       short for       shop steward  
7    to act or serve as a steward (of something)  
     (Old English stigweard, from stig hall (see sty) + weard ward)  
  stewardship      n  

populist shop steward  
      n   a shop steward who operates in a delegate role, putting the immediate interests of his members before union principles and policies  
shop steward  
      n   a coworker elected by trade union members to represent them in discussions and negotiations with the management  
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