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1    not easily bent; rigid; inflexible  
2    not working or moving easily or smoothly  
a stiff handle     
3    difficult to accept in its severity or harshness  
a stiff punishment     
4    moving with pain or difficulty; not supple  
a stiff neck     
5    difficult; arduous  
a stiff climb     
6    unrelaxed or awkward; formal  
7    firmer than liquid in consistency; thick or viscous  
8    powerful; strong  
a stiff breeze, a stiff drink     
9    excessively high  
a stiff price     
10      (Nautical)   (of a sailing vessel) relatively resistant to heeling or rolling  
   Compare       tender   1       11  
11    lacking grace or attractiveness  
12    stubborn or stubbornly maintained  
a stiff fight     
13    Obsolete   tightly stretched; taut  
14    Slang     (chiefly Austral)   unlucky  
15    Slang   intoxicated  
16    stiff upper lip      See       lip       9  
17    stiff with  
Informal   amply provided with  
18    Slang   a corpse  
19    Slang   anything thought to be a loser or a failure; flop  
20    completely or utterly  
bored stiff, frozen stiff     
21    intr  
Slang   to fail  
the film stiffed     
22    tr  
Slang     (chiefly U.S.)   to cheat or swindle  
     (Old English stif; related to Old Norse stifla to dam up, Middle Low German stif stiff, Latin stipes wooden post, stipare to press)  
  stiffish      adj  
  stiffly      adv  
  stiffness      n  

      adj   haughtily stubborn or obstinate  
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1    brittle, firm, hard, hardened, inelastic, inflexible, rigid, solid, solidified, taut, tense, tight, unbending, unyielding  
2    artificial, austere, ceremonious, chilly, cold, constrained, forced, formal, laboured, mannered, pompous, priggish, prim, punctilious, standoffish, starchy     (informal)   stilted, uneasy, unnatural, unrelaxed, wooden  
3    arthritic, awkward, clumsy, creaky     (informal)   crude, graceless, inelegant, jerky, rheumaticky     (informal)   ungainly, ungraceful, unsupple  
4    arduous, difficult, exacting, fatiguing, formidable, hard, laborious, tough, trying, uphill  
5    austere, cruel, drastic, extreme, great, hard, harsh, heavy, inexorable, oppressive, pitiless, rigorous, severe, sharp, strict, stringent  
6    brisk, fresh, powerful, strong, vigorous  
1 & 3    bendable, ductile, elastic, flexible, limber, lissom(e), lithe, pliable, pliant, supple, yielding  
2    casual, easy, informal, laid-back, natural, relaxed, spontaneous, unceremonious, unofficial  

boneheaded     (slang)   contumacious, haughty, obstinate, opinionated, stubborn, uncompromising, unreceptive  

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(british slang) "a strong drink" as in "i need a stiff whisky so pour me a real snorter", or (nautical slang) "a strong wind".
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